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[IP] Dexcom Shower Cover workarounds

Problem 1: The Dexcom 'Shower Cover' is a FLAT piece of plastic,
stretched over a Sensor which STICKS UP by almost 1 cm. (It's also only
just barely large enough to cover the Sensor with Transmitter attached.)
When you stretch and your belly or side bends under the patch, the 3D
application on to the 2D skin surface causes leaks when the skin bends

Problem 2: The adhesive is to strong for some (damages skin), and too
weak for others (it fails easily). Often, BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.

Problem 3: At 60 cents each, the cost adds up pretty fast.

- - - -
Take a freezer bag and cut it along the edges (making two fairly large
rectangles of strong plastic). To make it more of a "dome" shape, cut
small slits partway up the sides.

Go to the Drugstore and buy a couple rolls of waterproof gauze tape. If
you want to permanently tape your "dome" shape in place, lap the sides
over the slits you made and tape both over and under.

When you tape on this homemade "waterproof cover" using the same tape,
the tape is thick and doesn't stretch when you pull it off... that's the
problem with the Shower Patch, the plastic is thin and stretches as you
try to peel it off your skin: some of the adhesive is left behind as the
plastic stretches, and the whole removal process stretches your skin

By using a thick "freezer bag" plastic, you can re-use it a few times.
The plastic is much less flexible than the Dexcom, but by making a
better "dome" shape and using half-decent tape, the performance is both
more reliable and more comfortable.

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