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Re: [IP] dexcom VS minimed [Link for Minimed 522/722 CGM manual]

Antonio <email @ redacted> wrote:

> What I wanted to know is how the entries for *CGM calibration* are
> made, either manually, as described, or via RF or direct link with a
> glucometer, and if so, which one.


The manual for the 522/722 says (page 23):

"After the two hour initialization period you must enter a blood glucose
 (BG) reading into the pump to calibrate the sensor. If you are using
 the Paradigm Link this will be done automatically with each

The manual is at http://www.minimed.com/pdf/x22_sensor_features.pdf 
It may be linked somewhere from Minimed's website, but I found the
direct link by Googling "minimed 722 calibrate". 

Do you have their "Paradigm Link" meter?  If so, how do you like it?
I've always used Lifescan meters (and now am back to my old OneTouch
Ultra, since it's the only way to calibrate the Dexcom).  But when I get
my Minimed pump, I wonder if I should switch meters.  Any comparison of
the two?


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