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[IP] re: on infighting and "using diabetes as an excuse"

 Ok, I'm the one who wrote about the lady at my husband's work eating the candy
and claiming to be high and needed to go home. YES, she did get to go home. I
think had she not been able to and had really gotten sick my husband would have
been the one liable for her ill health.
 Now, to clarify. The lady said she had been a diabetic for many years and took
no insulin or oral meds. She "knew" she was high because she was sweating and
clammy. She also claimed eating the 2 pieces of candy made her very high.
 I feel for her, I truly do. What I feel for her is a sense of fear though not
compassion. I fear for her well being as she needs to find a doctor who will
help her do 3 things, control her sugars, help her realize the importance of the
glucose testing and helping her lose some weight so perhaps she really won't
need those meds she claims she doesn't need.
 As I said in my original posting---I have gone to work many times even when I
should have stayed home. I even asked to go home, myself, one day. I was told
there was no one to replace me if I left and wouldn't I please just stay. With a
BG of nearly 500 that day, I mus say I wasn't much good for a while until I got
my BG down to near "normal". This lady has NO WAY of getting her BGs down when
they go up---THAT is truly, truly scarey. It truly is. How many more people are
there out there who are in the same boat? I can only imagine.
 I will relay everyone's thoughts to my husband about this lady and perhaps he
can instill in her the need to go to, perhaps, a different doctor who will help
her with what she really needs help in--control!!

 I am sorry, Ruth, that you have gotten offended about the reactions to some
people about this situation. It irks me, too, to have someone use diabetes as a
total crutch like that. BUT---I used to be one of those people. I was "crippled"
by a well-meaning mother who only wanted to protect me from the world and my
diabetes. I grew up thinking I couldn't do anything because of my diabetes---no
sleepovers, no parties, no nothing as Mom was afraid I would have an insulin
reaction and no one would know what to do. Her sense of forboding was given to
my husband when we first married. Even now my husband will say I can't or
shouldn't do something because of my diabetes. I gently correct him--we've been
married nearly 33 years! Since the pump, 5 years 4 months, I am "allowed" to do
things I wasn't "allowed" to do before!!!!
 So, take heart, Ruth, no one is really putting the lady down--darn, I wish I
knew her name---we are all just trying to not use diabetes as a crutch and an
excuse to get out of doing things.

Debbie and "Sam Ina" from Western Kentucky
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