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Re: [IP] Minimed CGMS Realtime or DexCom

Eric Jensen asked: (Tue, 11 Jul 2006 09:26:58 -0400)
>> MM's sensor gives accurate data from the minute it starts showing BGs,
>> two hours after insertion and 15 minutes after the first calibration.

> Apparently that is true for many Dexcom users as well - I gather
> that some people are getting good data right from the start. (Rick,
> others?) What has your experience been in this regard?) Unfortunately,
> it hasn't been true for me.

My previous three Sensors (12-day, 17-day, and 18-day) started with good
accuracy and no misses. But this one started with EXACTLY the problem
you describe: Flaky readings up and down from each other, plus numerous
non-readings, until I restarted/recalibrated it several hours later.
Since then, it's fine.

Whoops, there goes a "low alarm"! (sub-90) :)
Now nibbling a few Smarties :)

I've also become psychologically dependent during the 2-hour restart
period. I've whacked a couple of times just to feel safe. I'm really
counting on those friendly buzzes, such as the one I just got.

And yeah, my newest Sensor lasted a little more than 18 days :) My bG
levels are not as tight as Nikos's, I fly all over the place (always
have). Joanne (R&J Milo) chickens out after 15 days, but also gets way
more than 6. Are you using my site recommendation, exactly along your
side, or are you sticking them in somewhere else?
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