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[IP] Go pumpers!

Hello to all Happy Pumpers!

  I m proud to admit that since Monday 10/07/06
I m pumping with Paradigm 722 and a real time CGMS!
I was on Lantus and NovoRapid for 2ys and my HbA1c
were very good(5,8-6,5).I realized though that this
was a bit fake,due to hypoglycemia episodes.Now I
found the best way to mimic my pancreas,without having
to work on a rigid schedule!It s the cutting edge of
diabetes management!IPT made me face straight up my
fears and hesitations,accept who I am and do the
best for my health!My pump is like a car..For the first
time I drive my diabetes where I want to and not vice
versa!I m no longer on the back seat,but on the wheel!
And with CGMS I see where and how I m going (like GPRS)!
I m finishing medicine in one month and find IPT
fashinating!I m considering working on diabetes in
the future...I could be a very good endo!
(but nothing is sure yet..I m still wondering on the
subject diabetes and carrer..)

  Despite luck of information and experienced staff
pumps now slowly become popular in Greece.Doctors
don't know much about them and there are no CDEs!!!
My education was based on books (pumping insulin,
think like pancreas etc),that don't exist here and of
course on this mailing list.At this point I would
like to thank you all for your contribution on this list
and express my gratitude and special thanks to Niko
Fillipou,for all his efforts to improve dieabetes
treatment in Greece and personally helping me to come
into the world of pumps safe and succesfully!

  A big thank to every pumper out there!Your presence
is a good example for others to overcome their fears
and do the best for themselves too!

   Go pumpers!

Nedios Sotiris,
studying medicine
DM type 1 on ins since 2004,pumping sinse one weak!
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