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RE: [IP] Re: MM questions

Barb, I got charged for the sets and reservoirs separately.

10/04/2005 10/04/2005 Ext Amb Infusn Pump Insulin, $6195.00 

10/04/2005 10/04/2005 Syringe W/Needle Insulin 3cc, $124.00 (3 months) 

10/04/2005 10/04/2005 Infus Insulin Pump Non Needl, $440.00 (3 months)

John S Wilkinson, 
Rome, New York

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I am curious about the MM pumps.  Did anyone who has one get charged extra
for sets and reservoirs, or was that included in the total cost of the pump?
I just got a statement and I owe $1,000 for my pump and $200 for sets and
reservoirs, a box of each. I love my insurance-not!

Hey, what happened to the snipping of not necessary stuff when you mail to
this list?

Barb T1-45yrs
email @ redacted
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