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RE: [IP] After 6 days on my new 722 with sensor

George,  go for it. I just changed endo's.  the first thing my new endo did
Was download my meter when I got there. Never had that happen before.

Anyway he kept blaming my pump, he had no clue what he was talking about.

I'm real glad you got the new set up, makes me feel that ( I'm due next
april for a pump change) things are looking up.


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Subject: [IP] After 6 days on my new 722 with sensor

I have just finished my first 6 days on my Minimed sensor.  So this morning
I uploaded the data from my pump to http://carelink.minimed.com to see what
it was trying to tell me.

Was I surprised when I looked at the daily charts of my average blood
glucose.  It rose steeply from midnight to 4 AM, and then fell just as
quickly to return to 90 at 9 AM.  And there were a couple of other minor
round trips after lunch and dinner.  So I will be raising my basals by one
tenth of a unit from midnight to 3, and dropping them by 2 tenths from 4 AM
to 8 AM.  Then I will take new sensor data, and repeat the process.

I have been on the pump for over 12 years now, and thought that my basals
were reasonably correct.  This was a real lesson for me.  I am going to take
my before graphs, and ram them down my ENDO.  Not that he could have really
done any better before the CGMs became available, but he really needs to do
this for more of his patients.  And I'm going to help him realize that!

George Eberhardt
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