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RE: [IP] how does your doctor write prescriptions?

I told my PCP about this and he wrote a RX for 150 units a day basal and 50
units a day for each meal. That is 300 units a day for 30 days that is 9000
ml - 9 vials. So now I don't have to worry about insulin.

John S Wilkinson, 
Rome, New York

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On 7/14/06, John S Wilkinson <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Roselea, My Pharmacy says that my insurance will only use one co-pay 
> for 30 days of a med. When it comes to insulin they will only dispense 
> a 30 day supply or less for 1 co-pay. So I have had the doctor list 
> more that the required daily dose. They also require an amount per day 
> on the RX. I think
> they are all incompetent, just bean counters that are following the wrong
> guidelines.
> John S Wilkinson,
> Rome, New York

"Incompetent" is putting it mildly, John.  I think "unrealistic" is a better
word here.  Who among us takes the same amount of insulin daily?  Who among
us never requires a higher Temp Basal?  Who among us can resist the
temptation of a new chocolate ice cream?  If you are among that group,
believe me, I do not envy you!    :-)

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