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[IP] Pump Settings during surgery

Good news - I was able to wear my pump during surgery, and all went well.
  I decided to cut back my basal rates a little, and set the target on my
bolus calculator to 150.  I was 135 when I left the house at 6 AM.  When
I met the anesthesiologist in the 'prep' area, I asked him to leave it
on.  He asked how long I had been wearing a pump.  When I said 10 years,
and showed him the correction bolus wizard, he said OK.   I also showed
the surgeon and one of the nurses.  
When I saw the surgeon later that day she told me they did a correction
right after the surgery!  When I was in recovery they did two BG checks,
and both times I was over 200.  I made the corrections and then put the
basal back to my normal rate.  I woke the next morning with 117!  The
second day, when I began eating, I found that I needed to INCREASE my
basal - the nurse thought it was probably from the physical stress.   
Overall I was able to maintain decent numbers without going low once.  I
was so relieved that I was allowed to use the pump despite the fact that
none of the nurses knew anything about it.  When I left they said they
wished all their diabetic patients had pumps!   Linda
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