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Re: [IP] on infighting and "using diabetes as an excuse"

 I have stayed out of this until now.......first off, no one knows for sure that
she has diabetes.....what we know is she ate candy, then said her bg was high
and needed to go home...no glucose testing, no meds and no insulin.....and she
has done it several times before......she needs to provide documentation that
she does, indeed, have diabetes and work at controling it or not use it as a
reason to go home.......period........using diabetes as an excuse it to me
getting a benfit (ie going home) that is not necessary (ie no testing and no
meds/insulin or apparent attempt to control it in anyway....ie eating candy and
then wanting to go home is using the situation).........just my .02
  Bev, mom to Mary, 23 next Sat, dx 97, pumping Animas 01 and sister to Bryant,
dx 1955.

Ruth Jennison <email @ redacted> wrote:
  About 10 people took the time on this list to attack a woman that they do not
even know. This woman asked to leave her work at a truck stop early because of
diabetic related problems. Surprisingly, a list full of diabetics only saw fit
to pile accusation upon accusation on a person they do not even know. In my
opinion, this (unfounded, bitter and snarky) infighting certainly benefits
those corporate interests that would have us attacking one another instead of
asking for our rights as medically challenged individuals in a country with
labor laws and health care that fall far behind those of other advanced
capitalist countries. I am not even sure, given this context, what it means to
"use diabetes as an excuse." Did your boss give you that language?

Let's try to avoid attacking diabetics we don't even know and focus people.
Focus on a cure and a creating a climate of mutual support as we deal with
this crappy disease.


Ruth Jennison
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