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Re: [IP] how does your doctor write prescriptions?

We have Medco health and our doctors have to write the scripts as : x# of
vials to cover x# of days .  They can not put down the qty used per day as
the insurance then will refuse to fill to that qty listed if it is over what
they calculate out and then they short us.  They will not allow any leeway
for insulin waste like priming  or overheated or ?????.  Before we found
this out the dr put down the ## of units per day and we ended up 2 vials
short of the script and cam e very close to running out before I could get
more according to their dates.  Then I ended up having to have the dr
rewrite a new script send that in with out the units /day on it and pay
another co-pay. Then I was able to get the extra incase of whatever.

Deb, Mom to Sarah 12, Rebekah 10 dx 4-1/2 yrs

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From: "Elizabeth Blake" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 10:07 PM
Subject: [IP] how does your doctor write prescriptions?
> I brought in a new prescription for Humalog to the pharmacy
> today.  My doctor (PCP) wrote for 2 vials and also wrote (for some
> reason) "50 units daily".  She has always insisted that she has to
> write a dosage on the prescriptions.
> So I go to pick it up, only 1 vial.  The pharmacist says that's all
> they will pay for, which I know is not true.  She puts it through
> again, 2 vials, and the co-pay is double.  I tell her again that's
> wrong and she says I have to call Caremark to find out, because 2
> vials at 50u/day is a 40 day supply.  I call Caremark and the woman
> there tells me to tell them to just enter it as a 30 day supply and
> to ignore the doctor's dosing instruction.  The pharmacist refuses to
> do that, so I took it back.
> I asked the woman at Caremark if they would give me 2 vials even if
> my doctor wrote 50u/day and she said they would.  She said I would
> get 6 vials, a 3 months supply.
> I see my CDE on Monday so I can get a new prescription then but these
> pharacy problems I've been having are really annoying and put me in a
> foul mood.  Another pharmacist at the same store took it upon himself
> in May to cut my strip script down to 200 without even attempting to
> put it through for the full amount (which I get every month, 300, no
> problems).
> How does your doctor write insulin scripts?  Do they put a specific
> dose down, which of course is impossible to know?  I don't know if I
> should have my CDE write a new script for 2 vials and put 70u/day,
> put down "as instructed" or if I should just have her write for a 3
> months supply and send it to Caremark.  I have my prescriptions
> delivered to my job so I'm not really worried about a package being
> left outside all day.  I'm just tired of dealing with the
> pharmacists, who insist they have to enter it one way when the actual
> benefits provider says they don't have to.
> --
> Liz
> Type 1 dx 4/1987
> Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005
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