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RE: [IP] OK, now I'm getting mad!

Hi! I can relate to your frustration! The same thing happened at our
house with my daughter...I went throught the list too. But we discovered
two things:

1. don't shower or bath ever with Dove soap...it leaves a film that stops
the sites from sticking

2. don't use IV Prep...we asked the nurses and doctors and just alcohol
will do...it sterilises enough...my daughter plays elite basketball and
sweats up a storm. She only uses alcohol to prepare her site and puts a
tegaderm on only when she feels her site is coming loose...to make it
last an extra day!

She uses up her big box of IV Prep only off season...because she always
needs her site to stick when wet 3/4 of the year...and then summer comes
and swimming so she goes back to just alcohol.

I can't believe I can finally give advice after all we went through! It
took a full year to find the trick! good luck!


Christine Picard email @ redacted

Daughter Michelle Picard
dxd 6/94 T1 (age 5)
pumping 2 years with Deltec Cozmo

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