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[IP] endo's and CGM's

To Tanya, who said, "I guess lowering my basal and adding more insulin with
the bolus, he is
hoping to reduce the amts. of hypoglycemia, but I am not so sure?"

That's exactly opposite of what worked for me. When I started on the pump 20
years ago, my endo set my basal very low because I am quite labile and
teensy changes in insulin make BIG changes in BGs. I had low basal and
higher boluses (way before carb counting, but I ate a specified amount of
carb at each meal) and wide swings in BG. When he said he was going to raise
my basal I almost panicked because I could just see myself "checking out" as
I drove from one client's office to the next, but it worked! My normal
daytime basal now is 3 times my original basal, and as long as I guesstimate
the carbs right, my BG is MUCH more stable.

Cheryl Hite
email @ redacted
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