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[IP] Sterling Medical

Ok, has anyone done any business with Sterling Medical for pump supplies?
 I called them this morning as they had told my husband to call with what I
needed--with parts numbers--and the doctors name and phone number and they would
take care of getting the prescriptions for my supplies. (now remember, I am the
one with a third new insurance company in 6 months!). Well, when the lady asks
for my brand of pump the only supplies she says she carried are for the
Animas1000 pump. She told me I would have to contact the "new products"
department of Sterling Medical and request them to carry what I need. I called
Animas and couldn't get an answer as to whether they would work with FHM so I
could order directly from Animas. The only infusion sets they carried were
Insets with 23 inch tubing and 6mm length on the cannula--no thank you on those,
I don't like 23 inch tubing!
 I am just curious if anyone else is dealing with this company and perhaps I
incorrectly stated what I needed? Someone told me that if they refuse to order
what I need then perhaps I should/could ask the insurance company to pay for
another pump that they will cover the supplies for! I am very frustrated as I
thought this had all been worked out 2 weeks ago.

Thanks, in advance!
Debbie and "Sam Ina" in Western KY
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