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RE: [IP] Re: stem cell research

I also believe this should be for another spot but not because it divides
us. We mad disagree on a lot of things like which pump is best or which
supplier we like. 

I would rather have a discussion with someone with whom I disagree, so that
I can learn something. One of 3 thing can happen I can persuade them my
argument is right, they can persuade me that their argument id right or we
can continue to disagree. Any way it is a learning experience. If you only
discuss things with people who agree with you can never learn. The main
thing people need to do is to remember to be civil with people with whom
they disagree.  

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This continues to be a heated debate... one that should be be kept off this
list because it divides us.  Not everyone on this list agrees with what you
say.  I for one respect life in ALL forms including fetuses and brave
soldiers who are protecting our freedom.  Please take this discussion off
this list.  Thank you.
in reply to Linda who said: "...In America, we can send our young to
ill-conceived wars to be slaughtered, but we cannot abort an unwanted fetus
without opposition...
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