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RE: [IP] endo's and CGM's

My Endo is trying to get my insurance to approve it. He is trying to get me
upgraded to the MM722. He is very pro CGM. He feels that this way I can spot
changes in between the time I would normally test. He has warned me that
because of lags when you do your calibration tests you need to do them when
your BG is stable otherwise the cgm will give bad readings. 

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 Hello everyone, My new endo doesn't recommend getting a CGM. I am not
exactly sure why, he says they don't really give accurate readings and the
sensors only can be used for 3 days. He said he won't talk me out of it, but
that is what he was trying to do! He said the diabetes educator will talk to
me about them when I see her in Aug.
 Did anyone else have this problem with their endo. and asking about a CGM?
I guess lowering my basal and ading more insulin with the bolus, he is
hoping to reduce the amts. of hypoglycemia, but I am not so sure?

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