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Re: [IP] endo's and CGM's

Who, may I ask, was the manufacturer of the glucose sensor?
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From: "Elizabeth" <email @ redacted>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 10:56:15 
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Subject: Re: [IP] endo's and CGM's

My endo was/is very excited about the CGM, but when I actually saw the thing 
on someone, I knew I would never, ever have one - that thing looked like 
someone crazy glued a computer mouse to their side! Way too bulky for me, 
and the readings weren't accurate either because their low BG alarm kept 
going off so they checked their BG with a monitor and it was fine...YMMV but 
I think it's way too bulky and obvious-looking for me...

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> Hello everyone, My new endo doesn't recommend getting a CGM. I am not 
> exactly
> sure why, he says they don't really give accurate readings and the sensors 
> only
> can be used for 3 days. He said he won't talk me out of it, but that is 
> what he
> was trying to do! He said the diabetes educator will talk to me about them 
> when
> I see her in Aug.
> Did anyone else have this problem with their endo. and asking about a CGM? 
> I
> guess lowering my basal and ading more insulin with the bolus, he is 
> hoping to
> reduce the amts. of hypoglycemia, but I am not so sure?
> Tanya 
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