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Re: [IP] protein and insulin

Janette Wrote:
...What you are hearing is real life individual experiences with BGs  
after consuming large amounts of protein.  Check the recommended  
dietary advice for T1's in 1959 and Insulin regime's 45+ years ago.   
There were no pumps; no fast acting analogue insulins and certainly   
a very restricted dietary regime

Ricardo Responds:
I think the advice for covering protein is even more critical with  
pumps and fast acting analogues than it was in 1959.

On MDI, any late rise due to protein was partially or wholly covered  
by the long acting insulin, even if the patient did not take into  
account their protein intake. With insulin pumps, fast acting insulin  
and the 2 - 3 hour delay in large amounts of protein affecting BG,  
some of us have to  compensate with a dual wave (combo) bolus.

Dx'd 1967, Pumping since 1/14/2004 w/ Animas IR1000 and since  
7/2/2004 w/ the Animas IR1200
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