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Re: [IP] Confused about basal changes

> I seem to be having a problem with weird BG readings   both highs and
> lows. I know my gastroparesis is part of the problem but I ve lost what
> I think are working basal rates.
> My question is   in my notes from my CDE when I started pumping it says
> to change the basal rate 1 hour before the time you need to see the
> change. In reading through the new John Walsh book on page 133 and 136 I
> found where it says  basal rate changes have to be made 4-8 hours before
> you will see their effect .   This just doesn t make sense to me based
> on what my educator did when we started this last October.

The lead time for rapid acting insulin-analogs is nominally 1 hour, for 
regular insulin it's about 2 hours.

Also see:


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