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Re: [IP] Cozmo cartridge filling probs...bubbles?

>Has anybody had any problems filling cartridges? My daughter is often
>frustrated with having too many bubbles. Does anybody else have this
>problem? Does anybody have any tricks or know the reason? She can't seem
>to figure out why it happens sometimes and other times it doesn't happen.

1. Don't shake, rattle or roll the insulin bottle.
2. Make sure the insulin bottle is at room temperature.  (Gasses 
dissolve in cold liquids and form bubbles when they warm up--like 
carbonated beverages.)
3. When filling, draw back the plunger, insert the needle and inject 
air with the bottle on the bottom.  Then invert the whole system 
(without shaking) and allow the air pressure in the bottle to push 
insulin into the cartridge.  When the plunger stops moving, tap and 
gently wiggle the cartridge (now below the vial) until all visible 
air is in the neck of the cartridge, and then push gently on the 
plunger to expel the air bubble into the vial.  Pull down gently on 
the plunger to finish filling the cartridge.  Make this a slow 
process--too much negative pressure in the cartridge can nucleate new 
bubbles and the idea is to have (if any) one large bubble in the neck 
of the cartridge.  If you can keep cartridge and vial balanced with 
the cartridge on the bottom leave them connected; otherwise remove 
the needle at this stage.
4. Let the cartridge sit, neck up, while you are rewinding the pump, 
getting out the new set, etc.  Tap it gently now and then to 
encourage any air at all to move up to the neck of the cartridge.I 
If you can do it without agitating the cartridge too much, carry the 
cartridge upright close to your body to warm it and get the last 
dissolved gasses out of solution.  (I generally don't have time for 
this step.)
5.  Attach the new set tubing to the cartridge.  You can prime 
manually and then remove the plunger and put the cartridge into the 
pump, but I just put it into the pump and let the manual prime fill 
the tubing.  In either case, keep the cartridge upright.  This means 
orienting the pump so that the neck of the cartridge stays on top 
until the pump is putting insulin out the needle.

Nothing will completely eliminate bubbles, but this helps.
Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, Alaska
http://mosquitonet.com/~sbowling (general)
http://bowlingsite.mcf.com/DogPage.html (dogs)
http://climate.gi.alaska.edu/Bowling/Bowling.html (professional--retired)
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