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RE: [IP] Cozmo cartridge filling probs...bubbles?

Christine, There are a few tips to not have bubbles in the reservoir. 
First the insulin bottle should be at room temperature. 
Next fill the reservoir with air and inject the air into the bottle of
Do this with the bottle upright, so the air does not create bubbles in the
Next invert the bottle and reverie and slowly fill the reverie pulling very
slowly on the plunger. Usually an air bubble will form in the reverie. While
the bottle is still upright tap the bottle with a pen or pencil to move the
air bubble to the top of the reservoir. Now push the air out of the
reservoir by pushing lightly on the plunger. Now pull back on the plunger to
refill the reservoir with insulin. Check to see that all the air bubbles are
out of the reservoir and disconnect the reservoir. 

John S Wilkinson, 
Rome, New York

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Subject: [IP] Cozmo cartridge filling probs...bubbles?

Has anybody had any problems filling cartridges? My daughter is often
frustrated with having too many bubbles. Does anybody else have this
problem? Does anybody have any tricks or know the reason? She can't seem to
figure out why it happens sometimes and other times it doesn't happen.

Christine Picard email @ redacted Daughter Michelle Picard dxd 6/94 T1
(age 5) pumping 2 years with Deltec Cozmo . .
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