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Re: [IP] Use of excel to track BG info

>Hi everyone,
>I am learning that excel is much much cooler than I had ever realized.
>I was thinking about trying to design an excel sheet to do all of the
>things that I want it to do for diabetes management and tracking and I
>was wondering if anyone had already done this and was interested in
>comparing and sharing sheets/ideas/formulas?

Mine does, but it takes some work on chart headers and ranges at the 
beginning of each month and the end of each week.  The plots are 
histograms and pie charts of blood sugar frequencies, daily protein 
and carbohydrate totals, TDD and weight, a time of day/blood sugar 
scatter plot, and weekly charts of blood sugar against time.  There's 
also a comment column on the data page for things like basal changes 
(temporary or permanent) and site changes, exercise, and anything 
else I want to keep track of, and a section on the data sheet where 
it calculates the mean and standard deviation of blood sugars weekly 
and monthly.  (The calculation formulas need to be changed each month 
because I test my blood sugar when I need to know it, not on a fixed 
time schedule or time of day, so the number of tests per day and week 
varies though it's usually between 400 and 500 a month.)  Basals are 
on a separate spreadsheet, with a new column every time I change 
basals.  I can send you a master, but it is not an automatic 
program--aside from data entry, it requires that formulas and range 
data be tweaked regularly.  I e-mail mine to my doctor each month, 
but I think he just looks at some of the charts--says I'm drowning 
him in data.
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