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As george pointed out, O-rings can be any shape or size.

 The advantage of a cylinder is that it inherently gives you an equal pressure
on all sides.
 (Similarly, circular O-rings resist pressure pressure better, as the stress is
never concentrated in
one place).

 You can't even come close with a rectangle -- it will leak in the corners. You
may be able to come
 close enough with an oval or a rectangle with circular corners of sufficient
diameter. But there
 will be a minimum radius for the corners, beyond which you're going to leak
without extraordinary
 measures. (Maybe giving the O-Ring different properties at different places
might do the trick).

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<<<Surely they would be able to make the cartridge any size they wanted.  It 
could be long and even almost flat or rectangular if necessary.>>>


<<<However, in order to get the volume, if you made cartridge flatter, it 
would have to be wider or longer. Physics, you know?>>>

Not to mention that if the cartridge isn't tube shaped, they'd have to 
figure out how to seal the cartridge and make a plunger or delivery system 
work.  They just don't make rectangular O-Rings.  :)
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