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Re: [IP] Minimed CGMS Realtime or DexCom

<<From: Eric Jensen <email @ redacted>

Apparently that is true for many Dexcom users as well - I gather that
some people are getting good data right from the start.  (Rick, others?
What has your experience been in this regard?)  Unfortunately, it hasn't
been true for me.  I just wanted to be clear that I'm not speaking for
all users of the Dexcom here.

As a side note on the psychological change from wearing one of these, I
find myself getting annoyed when I have to restart and then I won't know
my BGs for *two whole hours*!  :-)  I have to remind myself that it
wasn't very long ago when I usually didn't know my BGs for that amount
of time.>>

I am having the same experience.  No sensor works well for me for the first
day, at least 8-10 hours.  I do MUCH better after Day 2.  I've been running
12-15 days/sensor, no problem.

My biggest problems:
    Waterproofness!  I've been using the shower covers ... but the adhesive is
so strong, that the skin is getting abraided.  I finally had to give up on
them yesterday (long afternoon poolside) ... and just live with 2-5 hours of
high readings and alarms.  I've complained to Dexcom about this ... they are
awaiting FDA approval for their waterproof version ... but apparently are also
trying to develop better adhesive for the covers, which tells me that the
waterproof issue will not go away any time soon.
    No s/w to download data ... that is getting ridiculous.  I can "estimate"
from the little graph ... but that's not very helpful.
    Needing to calibrate to the One Touch Ultra (not even the Ultra 2, which
has a backlight!).  They are saying that they are testing manual calibration
which would take data from any meter ... still no idea of when that will be

As for the frustration of the 2 hours ... yes!  But, as you say, it is still
better than without!  The alarms at night have alerted me when I've had
unexpected highs or lows ... very useful!

... joanne
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