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Re: [IP] re: sigh, another new insurance

Caremark is a PBM -- basically a company designed to keep prescription
costs down.  Other PBMs are Medco.

I had Caremark when I had insurance with Cigna, but when we went to
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, we switched to Medco.

Both do a very good job at getting prescriptions to the patients, but
they can drive you nuts because they constantly review expensive
prescriptions.  For example, I'm on Protonix for GERD, and they can
get Nexium cheaper.  However, Nexium doesn't work for me.  I have to
go through a review of Protonix every few months.  They send the
doctor a fax form asking things like if they have tried Nexium, diet
changes, etc.

On 7/11/06, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  Thanks, Liz, for your response to my question about Caremark. I have always
> gotten my insulin through mail order ever since leaving Florida. Had a super
> insurance down there and K-mart Pharmacy was the best for insulin!
 > My pump supplies will be DME also. Can't imagine why they call something that
> lasts 2 or 3 days durable but guess that's just insurance talk.
>  Oh, yes, the booklet explaining benefits for this insurance says that
> "injectables" are shipped with 24 hour delivery. We'll see about that one!
> Again, thanks, for your response!
> Debbie and "Sam Ina" from Western Kentucky
> .

Kathleen Weaver

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