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Re: [IP] Minimed CGMS Realtime or DexCom

Thanks, Nikos, for the additional information.  The two horizontal lines
you describe are similar to the Dexcom in that regard - they show the
high and low threshholds you've set.

> MM's sensor gives accurate data from the minute it starts showing BGs,
> two hours after insertion and 15 minutes after the first calibration.

Apparently that is true for many Dexcom users as well - I gather that
some people are getting good data right from the start.  (Rick, others?
What has your experience been in this regard?)  Unfortunately, it hasn't
been true for me.  I just wanted to be clear that I'm not speaking for
all users of the Dexcom here.

> It is critical to calibrate the sensor when your BG are stable. If you
> not the results lost part of their accuracy. The trick I found when my
> sensor going crazy is to restart sensor without disconnecting it.
> After restarting it ask me almost immediately for a calibration
> (without the tow hours waiting period) and start giving accurate
> results after 15 minutes.

Same for the Dexcom.  I've had some cases where the sensor is giving bad
data (like only a few hours after insertion) where restarting it and
recalibrating fixes the problem.  So it sounds like the devices are
pretty similar in this regard.

As a side note on the psychological change from wearing one of these, I
find myself getting annoyed when I have to restart and then I won't know
my BGs for *two whole hours*!  :-)  I have to remind myself that it
wasn't very long ago when I usually didn't know my BGs for that amount
of time.


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