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Re: [IP] DexCom system accuracy and Paradigm RT alerts

Thanks for the replies. I spend a lot of time in the ocean so water 
resistance, or lack of it, is an issue. Why not detach the transmitter and 
put the shower patch directly over the sensor? Then afterwards re-attach the 


>From: Eric Jensen <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] DexCom system accuracy and Paradigm RT alerts Date: Mon, 
>10 Jul 2006 21:37:24 -0400
>Dave asked:
> > 2. You mentioned for swimming to use the shower patch and ensure it is
> > properly sealed. If you went swimming with no shower patch would this
> > destroy the sensor, or could you just reconnect the transmitter 
> > and everything would work fine?
>and Rick Stockton wrote:
> > 2. If you were in fresh water (lake, river) the Sensor would just be
> > suffering an extreme case of "sweating". I don't know about Chlorine in
> > pools or hot tubs, that might damage the Sensor in an irreversible way.
> > (I suspect that it WOULD.)
>Sorry to come in a bit late on this - I was out of town all last week.
>And, among other things, I went swimming in a chlorinated pool a few
>times with my Dexcom.
>I wore a shower patch each time, but it definitely didn't keep all the
>water out.  The sensor/transmitter got pretty wet, but I think the patch
>did keep them from just sitting immersed in water for significant
>periods of time.  To be clear, I think the Dexcom recommendation against
>getting the sensor wet is not due to any long-term damage to the sensor
>itself, but to the black transmitter part that sits on top.  It is
>sealed, but nothing is perfectly sealed, so I suspect the concern is
>water getting inside the transmitter.
>The sensor getting wet did cause the "shower spike" (incorrect high
>readings) problem, but then it worked fine after drying out in a few
>Hope this helps,

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