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Re: [IP] Anyone checking Bg almost every night?

At 03:45 PM 7/10/2006, you wrote:
>I'd like to compare long term effects (if any) for anyone that is
>getting up nearly every night to check Bgs.
>The reason I ask, is I finally had to get up ~2-3am most nites to
>check my Bg, because my basal shifts around quite a bit.  Until I
>did that, the EMTs were getting to know me when I would run into them
>at the store - but I didn't know them :)  I would go thru waves of hypos
>until I did that middle of the nite sanity check - which often needs to
>be tracked closely.

I regularly check at 2:00am, but that's because I'm usually still 
awake at that time.  My sleeping habits have gotten really bad and 
I've only been getting a few hours of uninterrupted sleep each 
night.  I try to go to bed earlier but it never happens.  Sometimes 
after 2:00am I finally go to bed.  Then, between 5am-6am my psychotic 
cat wakes me up by racing through the apartment at top speed, 
bouncing off walls & furniture (literally) and meowing at the top of 
his lungs.  I then have to chase him down to lock him in the bathroom 
and try to fall back to sleep again.  I sometimes will check my BG 
again at that time if I'm alert enough.

It has shown me that my basals need work (lower).  Last night 
(Sunday) I didn't even bother going to bed, because when I finally 
looked at the clock it was after 3:30am.  My BGs ran like this Sunday 
night - MOnday morning:

Sunday, 7:20pm: 188 - I believe this high was a result of having a 
temp basal set for over two hours earlier, while I took a long walk 
(walked just over 2 hours nonstop).  I meant to give myself a little 
bolus earlier when I tested at 134 right after my walk, but 
forgot.  I ate dinner and did a bolus for the food/correction at 7:20.
Sunday, 9:52pm - 81 (I know I had a small snack but didn't write it 
down and can't remember what it was)
Monday, 12:06am - 107
Monday, 1:12am - 85 (ate a graham cracker and 1 Tbspo peanut butter)
Monday 4:40am - 87 (ate something else, 10g carb, but didn't write it 
down.  Gotta remember to stay on top of that)
Monday 5:37am - 133 (snacks catching up), ate breakfast of 44g carb, 
bolused 2.2 units.  Readings all day after that were  76 - 117.

Those numbers where I drop after dinner and into the early morning 
need to be fixed.  I did just lower my basal rates from 8pm-3am and 
know they have to be lowered again.  The fact that I was awake the 
entire night didn't really effect anything, because I've noticed the 
drop when I was able to get to bed earlier and woke up to test later 
on, or I'd wake up too low when I finally got out of bed.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005 
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