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Re: [IP] Lp(a)

At 02:23 PM 7/10/2006, Bonnie Richardson wrote:
> >>>>>>>>>>Lp(a) -- Lp(a) is an LDL particle with an abnormal protein called
>attached. Elevated Lp(a) levels increase the risk of heart disease
>three-fold and are not detected in routine blood work.
>HDL Subclassification -<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>I have had a VERY high (a) for many yeas.  Am allergic to statins, My Doc
>prescribed Zetia for me because myy last test showed (a) at 20 when the Norm
>at Kirklin Clinic/UAB is 2-9.   My good lipids should average about 40 and is
>My Endo said whatever you are doing don't stop because that good one is
>probably saving your life.
>I will know in late August if the Zetia is working for me.
>Bonnie from Bama

I have this same condition with an LP(a) number of well over 100. As 
a result I had quintuple by-pass surgery 11 years ago. Apparently one 
of its characteristics is that it helps plaque coat your arteries 
much more efficiently than normal. Not good!

My endo, who apparently had done some research on this at the Univ. 
of Washington, told me that the only known remedy was megadoses of 
Niacin. While the statins and Zetia help lower your cholesterol, from 
what I was told, they don't really address the fundamental problem of 
LP(a). Apparently the Niacin does both. I take 750mg at each meal 
(yes, that's 750mg x 3). This worked so well that my LP(a) was down 
to about 10-12 and my cholesterol levels were down dramatically. (In 
fact, my good cholesterol was down too low so I had to start eating 
more of the "bad" foods).

A major warning!!! Do not try this at home, without being under a 
doctor's supervision!!

I started out with low doses of Niacin and gradually built it up to 
my present levels over a 10 week period. The doctor also does 
constant liver tests, since liver damage can occur with some people. 
I was also warned to never use the "no-flush" versions of Niacin... 
apparently studies have implicated them in serious liver damage. For 
me, I did feel the Niacin at first (taking it with meals helps)... 
however, now my body is so used to it that I can take them on an 
empty stomach without any of the "tingly/flushing" feelings at all. I 
use the plain Niacin that I get from my local GNC store. There are 
probably plenty of other types of health stores that can also supply 
it or order it for you.

By the way, I still take low doses of a "statin" because my endo says 
that there are some benefits to doing that, even though I use the 
Niacin. Not sure if Zetia works the same way or not.

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