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[IP] Re: 'O-rings'

On 7/10/06, Sarah Dowdell <email @ redacted> wrote:
> <<<Surely they would be able to make the cartridge any size they
> wanted.  It
> could be long and even almost flat or rectangular if necessary.>>>
> and
> <<<However, in order to get the volume, if you made cartridge flatter, it
> would have to be wider or longer. Physics, you know?>>>
> Not to mention that if the cartridge isn't tube shaped, they'd have to
> figure out how to seal the cartridge and make a plunger or delivery system
> work.  They just don't make rectangular O-Rings.  :)
> Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00

Oh but they Do!  The "O" in the O-ring refers to it's cross-sectional shape,
not the overall shape of the 'ring'.  There are also D-rings, Quad-rings,
Square-rings or any special shape that is needed.  All of these
cross-sectional shapes can be molded into the pattern you need to achieve a
tight seal.  Not sure what shape the Omnipod reservoir is, but as far as the
cartridge with a plunger being a part of the delivery, that idea is
passing.   See:


(who used to use an Animas IR-1000 with a rectangular "O-ring" on the
battery compartment)
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