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[IP] Surgery with Twilight anaesthesia

I will be having carpal tunnel surgery later this week.
In addition to the local numbing of my hand, my surgeon strongly recommends
that I also have the "Twilight" anaesthesia to put me to sleep so that I do
not move my hand(a major problem for this kind of surgery!) ; he says it
will also reduce the pain factor to zero. So I agreed to this, in as much as
I do not like pain! Or severed nerves!

I asked the surgeon's medical assistant(an RN) about this, and how would the
anaesthesiologist monitor and control my BG level while I am "out".

She said that the duration of this anaesthesia is short, 20 minutes typical,
1 hour maximum, that BG is not monitored.

I am planning to get my BG to 150 mg before I go to the hospital, and reduce
my basal rate to keep it between 150 and 200 for the time I am in the
hospital about 4 hours including prep and operation and recovery).  And I
have agreement from the surgeon that I can keep my pump attached during the
He is very supportive of my plan, which I gave him in writing.

Has anyone had this kind of anaesthesia?

I would greatly appreciate comments on this!

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