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[IP] Re: Cataract Surgery

 Both my Dad and Sister (non-diabetic) had cataracts at age 42. I had mine
removed at age 44. I could have waited longer but since I was very nearsighted I
thought I might was well go ahead with it. There are different types of
cataracts (I don't remember the specifics now). I had two different types - one
was more related to "old age" cataracts and the other possibly caused by the
diabetes. I feel fortunate that this is my only "complication" after nearly 33
years. It actually was a plus since my eyes were -10 and -11 diopters and were
corrected to around -1 so now I can even drive without glasses and before I
couldn't see more that 3 inches from my nose without correction.

 My eye doctor didn't want me to keep my pump on during the surgery because he
was afraid it would give me too much insulin and I would go low. I told him it
would not do that and now I don't remember whether I had it on or not. It's a
very quick procedure. He also insisted that I contact my endo for instructions
which I didn't do because I had tested my basals and knew I would fine.

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