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[IP] husband's co-worker

 My husband is an assistant manager at a truck stop. The other day he had one of
the workers come to him telling him her blood sugar was sky high and she needed
to go home. He said 'Really? What is your reading?' She replies she doesn't know
but she knows it is really high. He asked her where her glucometer was. She had
left it at home. He asked her if she was insulin dependent or taking oral meds.
Neither was her reply! She continued to tell him she had eaten 2 pieces of
chocolate and she was cold and clammy and needed to go home. Of course, he let
her go home because one cannot fool around with another persons health issues.
Thing of it is the other assistant manager says the lady does this trick all the
time! Sounds like this lady needs to wake up and smell the roses and get into a
good diabetic education class and start taking better care of herself and quit
using her diabetes as an excuse to not go to work! (just my opinion!) I went to
work one day, my site!
 , my BG got to nearly 500 and I wasn't allowed to go home!!!! NEXT time, if it
happens again, I WILL go home to properly take care of myself!!!! Oh, I did
change sites at work--yes, in the public bathroom! And, yes, my BG came down to
a respectable 105.

Debbie and "Sam Ina" from W KY
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