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Re: [IP] Serter vs. Manual insertion

At 05:42 PM 7/8/2006, Cynthia Kahn wrote:
>This is so interesting to hear. Whenever I've changed my set 
>without using the MM inserter, I've had a bent cannulas and  
>hyperglycemia. My rep told me that he was surprised by that--
>people do one or the other and have equal success. I asked for 
>an extra inserter from him so I would have a backup (never 
>got it).
>It is my understanding that Minimed uses an insertion device 
>because of the  force that is needed to insert the cannula 
>without it bending. 

 I used the QuickSets for a year before I ever got a serter. Never had a bent or
kinked cannula. The Disetronic UltraFlex was a different matter. It doesn't have
a serter and I could never seem to get it in without a kink. The QuickSet seemed
to insert very smoothly while the UltraFlex seemed to catch on my skin when I
was inserting. YMMV.

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