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RE: [IP] Cleos and Cozmonitor

I just started using the cleo's about 2 weeks ago because I have been
getting very tender in the area around the site after about 2 days and it
was getting difficult to keep them in for the 3 days.  I got both the 6mm
and the 9mm length.  So far they have been better but I am still noticing
sensitivity in the area after 2 days but not as severe.  

As far as the cozmonitor,  I think everyone handles the size differently.  I
would much rather have the slightly larger meter/pump combo rather than
carrying around a separate meter.  I just put it in a cell phone case and it
works great, however, I am always wearing a belt.  I like the cozmo so far,
I am not sure if I will choose the cozmo next time around but I will not
consider a pump without an integrated meter.  I have not had issues with the
meter losing power, make sure you are using the black battery covers made
for the meter attachment.

One more item,  I have found a way to extract the cozmonitor data and put it
in either excel for precision link 2.6 (since the co-pilot software is not
available any more).  If anyone is interested in the procedure send me an
e-mail and I will forward it.  email @ redacted


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Hi everyone,
I have a Deltec Cozmo and order all my supplies directly through Smiths 
Medical.  I was able to order my supplies today and ask for one box of Cleos

and three boxes of Comforts for my 90 day supply.  Although it isn't really 
a sample, it was nice to be able to order one box to try them and not be all

or nothing.

Also, am I the only one who got frustrated with my Cozmonitor and decided to

ditch it and go back to my regular meter.  I found that it made the pump 
very bulky and was strangly causing the pump to restart all the time because

of the way it hooks to the battery screw.  Just wondering...

dxd T1 8/80
pumping 7 years, Deltec Cozmo that last 2
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