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Re: [IP] Minimed CGMS Realtime or DexCom

I read over your information and I stand by my reply.  If you use either 
system without it being integrated into a pump, AND you are also using a 
pump, then you have 2 separate devices to attach to and keep near your 
body.  If, however, you are going to be pumping, then I would want to 
use the Paradigm RT because it uses the pump's display for it's own.  If 
I was not going to be pumping, then I would want the Dexcom, as it is a 
more "elegant" solution.  In fact, I wish the Paradigm used the Dexcom 

Antonio in LA,Age 40, Type 1 since 1993
MiniMed Paradigm 515, OneTouch Ultra, MiniMed Carelink and PAL software

Rick Stockton wrote:
> Antonio wrote:
>> If you use either system independently, it seems like you
>> would have too many gizmos attached to you with a pump,
>> infusion set, sensor, and CGM display.
> Antonio, I welcome your opinion... but at the same time, I
> recommend to Jacob that he put a little more emphasis on
> those replies from people who actually own and use
> the devices he's asking about.
> Antonio, I feel that your "two many gizmos attached" is
> not really valid for either system:
> With Minimed, the pump is already present and attached
> in an inconvenient manner (infusion set tubing). The CGM
> display is INTEGRATED, adding no additional "attachments".
> You do have a small additional 'attachment'
> between the Sensor and the Transmitter, so there's
> two more things on your skin. But the PUMP/DISPLAY
> was ALREADY THERE, not a lot of additional gizmos or
> attachments to route through your clothing.
> With Dexcom, the 'Transmitter' clips right into the 'Sensor',
> and both of them together are tiny, with no tubing or wiring
> to ANYTHING ELSE. (Like an infusion set WITHOUT the tubing.)
> And so, the Dexcom Display unit ('Receiver') doesn't have
> to be ATTACHED anywhere... in fact, their belt clip sucks, I
> keep mine loose in a pocket. OTOH, there IS a risk of
> actually LOSING the Dexcom Receiver, and finding yourself
> out $550 for a replacement. (You could take it out at a
> Restaurant, leave it on the table instead of putting it back
> in your pocket, some creep thinks it's a cell phone
> to steal, and POOF.)
> But keeping the Sensor absolutely dry is a BIG hassle,
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