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Re: [IP] new shorter length Silhouettes

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>Hi Liz,
 > When I started pumping I was using sils and was not crazy about them. Now I
>using quicksets. I am on the Paradigm 515, tell me about Sure- T's what's the

 The Sure-T's have a 6mm metal cannula that's inserted straight in at 90
degrees. I believe they're the same set as the Contact, made for Luer lock
connections. While I like the Silhouettes I sometimes miss the ease of using a
90 degree set and the Quick-Sets are impossible for me to use now. The Sure-T's
are also supposed to have a very low profile, at least the part where the
cannula is. Since the tubing has the same connection as the Silhouettes I'm
guessing that part is about as high as a Sil, but I'm not sure.

They're here on the MM store page: http://tinyurl.com/qq4uw

 They only come with 23" tubing but if you have extra Sil tubing (whihc I have
plenty of) you can just use that. I use the same reservoir/tubing until the
reservoir is empty, so with my 715 that can take 10-12 days. If I decide to
switch between Sils and Sure-T's I won't have to worry about switching the

 I think it was Sarah Dowdell who had posted about them awhile back when she
first tried them. I'm not sure how they worked out for her.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005
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