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Re: [IP] Cleos and Cozmonitor

 I too am on the Cozmo and had Smiths send me one box of the Cleos to try. I
love having the cozmonitor attached and have not had problems with it making the
pump restart. It is much easier for me to make sure I have strips and a small
lancet in my pocket then it is to remember to always have my monitor with me and
thus I check and correct more often.
  Nan Humphrey  purple pumper since Feb 06, Dx 20+ years

Sherry Nolan <email @ redacted> wrote:

Hi everyone,
I have a Deltec Cozmo and order all my supplies directly through Smiths 
Medical. I was able to order my supplies today and ask for one box of Cleos 
and three boxes of Comforts for my 90 day supply. Although it isn't really 
a sample, it was nice to be able to order one box to try them and not be all 
or nothing.

Also, am I the only one who got frustrated with my Cozmonitor and decided to 
ditch it and go back to my regular meter. I found that it made the pump 
very bulky and was strangly causing the pump to restart all the time because 
of the way it hooks to the battery screw. Just wondering...

dxd T1 8/80
pumping 7 years, Deltec Cozmo that last 2

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