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Re: [IP] Cleos and Cozmonitor

Sherry - you are going to LOVE the Cleos!!  My only observation is  
that the adhesive is a little less sticky than what I was using  
before.  I almost always need to put a hunk of the IV dressing over  
the top of my site (with a hole cut thru the center of it) to keep it  
in place for 3-4 days.  I rarely had to do this before.

But the insertion is fabulous.  The 360 degree hookup is awesome!   
The littler cannula is awesome too!  (Don't forget to change your  
fill cannula amount to only .3)

The trick I found that I MUST follow when I use the Cleo is do what  
the instructions say and "hold the whole serter in place for several  
second, after the cannula is in place".  I leave my IV prep solution  
a little "wet and sticky" and then insert, then hold it in place for  
about 10 second - to kind of glue it all in place.  If I get too  
anxious I have once or twice gone to undo the serter from the port  
and pulled the whole thing back out.  Don't get frustrated if you do  
this on the first time.  It just takes a little bit of finessing!!

good luck - I won't ever go back!!!!


On Jul 6, 2006, at 6:10 AM, Sherry Nolan wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a Deltec Cozmo and order all my supplies directly through  
> Smiths Medical.  I was able to order my supplies today and ask for  
> one box of Cleos and three boxes of Comforts for my 90 day supply.   
> Although it isn't really a sample, it was nice to be able to order  
> one box to try them and not be all or nothing.
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