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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V9 #921

Would be... Except... RE-READ that site... it is $22.95 for TWO ounces, NOT
4... Roughly same price (actually $1.15 MORE than lowest "buy-it-now" price
on Ebay)... But Disetronic's MIGHT charge less to ship making their higher
price come out actually lower... But still... Roughly $23 for 2 ounces,
makes it $11.50 per ounce, which on my tight budget seems awfully
over-priced... But then again... Aren't ALL supplies related to DM
realistically OVER-PRICED???

Last night when I noticed the third set in 3 days starting to separate, I
tried holding it in place with IV-3000 after reading many places claiming
that the IV-3000 almost requires an adhesive remover to remove... And by the
time I got home from work this morning... The IV-3000 I put on just last
night was still working to hold the Inset on, but around the entire
perimeter, even the IV-3000 tape was starting to fall away from my skin.

My BG was > 200 when I left work so I bloused what the pump recommended...
Then, about 45 minutes later, I checked again, and was at 246, so bloused
with my insulin pen since it looks like this set that is still in may be
failing (either the site, or the set)... I then tried to remove the IV-3000,
and it was almost like pulling the backing plastic from the covering used to
cover R/C airplanes (such as Black Baron or Monokote)... Took absolutely NO
effort to remove... felt as if it was BARELY sticking to my skin... When
I've removed the Inset sets that actually lasted 3 days, when removing the
set, the skin pulled out away from its normal shape as I pulled the set
out... With the IV-3000, the skin stayed nearly perfectly FLAT, almost as if
I was simply brushing a sheet of paper over the surface instead of trying to
remove something that is supposed to have an adhesive holding it to the

But I was already somewhat suspicious of the effectiveness of IV-3000 and
the Unisolve when I looked at what Animas sent as my initial order (shipped
with the pump).

They sent 100 Insets, 100 pump cartridges, but ONLY 50 EACH of the IV-Prep
they say should be used for EVERY set change... Only 50 Unisolve adhesive
remover pads, again only 1/2 what I'd need to use ALL the Insets they
sent... But the IV-3000, which they say is usually NOT NEEDED???  THAT they
sent a box of 100. (Matching number of Insets they sent me.)


Why send somebody only HALF as many of what they say IS NEEDED for EVERY set
change, but then send EXACTLY AS MANY as what would be needed if I chose to
use it on EVERY set change of the ONE item they said, and my pump trainer
also said was "questionable" whether I'd ever actually need it???


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<<Where do you get the 4 oz. Bottle of Mastisol for only $20???>>

Actually it is 22.95 for the 4 oz bottle. Is that close enough for you?


R. Leppanen

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