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Re: [IP] Anyone's insurance paid for the 522 with RT monitor yet?

 I just purchased a Dexcom. My insurance company (BC of California) told me to
submit the paperwork and they would consider it. WIthout the codes, they
consider each case on an individual basis only. If they don't pay for it, I am
out the expense of it. I didn't figure they would really pay for it and realized
that before I made the purchase. But this is the approach my plan/company is
stating at this time. At this time, they may very well pay for some people and
not for others until standards are established.

>Without a CPT code ("insurance number"), exactly how, pray tell, do you 
> expect your insurance company to reimburse or pay for this expense? 

 I was told it can take up to a year for the code to be given after it is
applied for.
> Also, a better question even yet, WHY the H hasn't MM a code for this??

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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