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[IP] Battery Failures Minimed Paradigm

Hi Everyone,
I had an interesting experience with my pump yesterday... It gave me a
low battery alarm (which was expected, it was about that time). I went
to the store and bought some new AAA batteries changed it and it gave
me a battery failure. I tried 6 batteries from that pack and it
rejected them all. I then went to my emergency supply pack in my car
and used one of those batteries, which it also rejected (all batteries
were the recommended Energizer alakaline that MiniMed recommends for
the paradigm). At this point I was a little panicked and went to the
drug store and bought 3 packs of different brand batteries. It
rejected Duracell and R something off brand. Finally I put a CVS brand
battery in and it accepted it but told me it was a weak battery
(registered as half full and alarmed). I called Minimed and they are
sending out a replacement that will arrive on Thursday and so far this
one hasn't died on me. I have been testing and keeping a close eye on
it with nothing out of the ordinary so far. Has anything like this
happened to anyone else? It is strange! I do have to say that I am
very happy with minimed. after asking me if i tried batteries from
more than one pack they did not hesitate to send me a new pump. That
is a very comforting feeling.

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