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RE: [IP] Re: multiple answer

Barb - I have an Animas 1250 pump and use the InSets.  It has a
self-contained inserter and if it weren't for them I probably would have
given up using the pump.  I have very sensitive skin (with chronic uticaria)
and the InSet tape does not bother my skin.  I don't know a thing about the
silhouette so am not sure if there is any valid comparison to the InSets.  I
just know I like how easy they are to use.  I'm very thin as well and have
had very few problems using the InSets.

Also, I just applied to Joslin for my 50 year "award". Although they call it
an award, I look at it as an acknowledgement of a miracle.   Three of my
family members (dad, brother and recently my 32 year old nephew) all died
from TI and I have lots of complications.   Our society puts so much
emphasis on other diseases (i.e. cancer) and even if making the 50 year mark
isn't newsworthy to others (or the media) it is truly important to me.
Granted, a check would be more welcome!   The other part of this is that
they have offered to pay for me to go to Boston to take part in their study
of complications for those who have been T1 for over 50 years.   The disease
has taken some very wonderful people from me so I want to do whatever I can
to broaden the understanding of what can happen.   

Shirley, Dx 1954 age 5, Animas Pump 10/2005

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As I really appreciate all your answers re: infusion sets, my question was
do any of the other pumps ( Not a Paradigm) have a no fail set like the
silhouette that is not such torture?  I am pondering changing pumps.

Barb -T1 45yrs-no award necessary
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