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Re: [IP] 50 years

In a message dated 07/03/2006 11:52:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
At 11:00 PM 7/3/2006, email @ redacted wrote:
>--The 25 year metal used to be a metal and you had to have absolutely no
complications. 25 years ago it was prety hard to go 25 years with no
complications since all we did was guess at BG and had no way to correct it
anyway. I do have the metal somewhere and I hope to locate it soon.

Well, since I'm at 43 years with no complications, I think I should have 
more than just a piece of paper. ;) Btw, wondering how they verified no
complications? Did you have to take tests and send the results or just your
doctor's verification?

Happy Fourth to ALL!
AS you know I have made the 50 year in 1997. I have a few things I went thru 
along the way. I was part of an eye study DR Aiello designed in 1971. It was 
to find if laser beam would save the eye sight of many diabetics. As we all 
 know now it worked. I signed the papers and drew the green laser. They only use
the red, or ruby today. I had 24 years in 1971 and was told after I signed the 
release I no longer could get the 25 year medal. What made me mad was I was 
only given 500 or 600 shots of the treatment, and had no bleeding in my eyes. 
A few weeks ago there was some posting about Joslin I think I have seen more 
of Joslin than any body on this list today. I saw DR Joslin in his first 
 clinic in 1947. I was a patient of DR White after that. Joslin is one of the
conservative group of DR's on earth. They dropped in my eyes when they joined 
Beth Israel. I will still go there as I think they are the best in Boston. I 
 hope I make the next 16 years, so I can tell them they made a mistake not
me my 25 year award
Roger C (dx 12/1/1947 pumping 5/7/00)
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