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Re: [IP] Real Time Workshop and answers

Another interesting point in that workshop I took part, was the way
the MDs must choose patients for CGM systems.

Again the Israelis docs show us allot of research result that shows
the A1c of people with diabetes and the trying they have to do to
reduce this.

>From the data they show us it was clear that someone with hi A1c (eg.
A1c > 9) is ''easy'' to reduce his/her A1c to a point A1c = 8 ~ 8.5

The critical stage of the procedure is to reduce that 8 ~ 8.5 to less
than 7. They call these numbers (8 ~ 8.5) as THE BATTLEFIELD because
it is the hardest part to reduce and the most difficult to archive it.

To make the long sort they said that with today's therapies its not so
difficult for everyone to have an A1c > 7.5 but to reduce it more you
have much more effort to do.

For those who want to succeed better result the CGM system technology
is here to help them.

So MDs have to find between those patient, with A1c between 7.5 - 8.5,
and choose the candidate for the new technology.

And some ''funny'' points out of the workshop that may interest you:

-All MDs (32 doctors)  who took part to that workshop wear a MM722rt
with sensor on. during the workshop 2 of them diagnosed with diabetes!

Even the MDs who live in hospitals have trouble to diagnose their
diabetes type II.

-At first night of the workshop they took us to a lovely place in
Piraeus to offer us dinner. I was in alert to keep my blood sugars as
low as I can during the dinner. It was marvelous that I start eating
with 80ml/dl and after 2.5 hours at the end of that dinner I was 84.
As I told you I monitor my BG closely and give corrections to keep it

After the desert, I was still 84 but all the ''healthy'' MDs was above
100. I was the only diagnosed with diabetes and had the best blood
sugar of all! It makes huge impression to everyone and they make me to
do a finger test to be sure that the CGM was accurate. It was.

The next day I was the example for what someone can do with a CGM
system. Unfortunately some of the doctors instead of given me a big
BRAVO for my effort just said that I'm paranoid with my Diabetes.
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