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Re: [IP] Cataract surgery

Hello Lisa Ann - 
Ahhhh, they ae making an alteration to the side of the eye to reduce the 
 astigmatism. The are also toric implants that can be implanted in some patients
that are similar to toric contacts - the astigmatism correction is built into 
the lens itself and the eye doesn't need extra modification.   The 
 accommodating lenses, or multifocal lenses allow the eye to behave more
naturally. At
39 yo, the old lens inside your eye can change its shape and that is what 
 allows you to see things up close. We all have huge amounts of this abilioty
it slowly decreases over time until about age 40.   By then in most people, 
 the eye has lost its ability to much as much of this change and we start needed
correction for up close eg bifocals reading glasses or longer arms 
 (presbyopia). With a traditional lens implant, the lens is a rigid plastic that
change its shape or allow you to focus at near.   You will probably need a 
 reading correction for this eye. Unless the other eye can see well up close or
they are intending to make this eye see at near.   This is monovision when one 
eye focuses at near and one for distance.   Works morre many people but not 
everyone.   So, there are 2 series of lenses thay can implant:   1) has 
 diferent areas of different power to give you distance and near focusing
 (this is a multifocal implant) and 2) a lens that can actually change its shape
provide distance and near focusing ability (this is an accommodating lens).

I hope that makes sense!   If this was more confusing than help - please let 
me know.

Have a happy 4th!

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