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[IP] met a young pumper hopeful!

 I met the nicest young man and his family yesterday at work. He has been
diagnosed for about 9 months and is waiting for his year of shots to be up so he
can get his pump. He was very diligent in getting his carbs correct as he was
ordering his food. Said he was somewhat afraid of changing out infusion sets. I
told him once every 3 or 4 days was way better than all the times he must give a
shot! I showed him "Sam Ina", my Animas 1200Plus pump. He said Animas is one of
the ones he is considering. I explained a little to him how "Sam" works much to
the dismay of the other "guests" in line! Oh well--I felt it was important to
show this young man a pump and to talk to him!
 Anyway, I gave his family the IP site address. Hopefully they will come on
board and he can learn a lot as well as his parents. I do not meet many young
diabetic at work, mostly older ones who say they can't drink a sweet drink but
order all kinds of food with lots and lots of carbs!!!!! In older I mean in
their late 60's and 70's who have just been diagnosed! No offense intended for
those who are "older" on IP. I just get worried about a lot of the older folks
who don't have great doctors like a lot of people. Living in an area where there
are not that many doctors to choose from who know a lot about diabetes is sort
of scarey.

Looking forward to this family getting on board with us!

Debbie and "Sam Ina" (that's Animas backwards) in Western Kentucky--USA
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