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[IP] Radio links for meters, pumps and remotes

>  From: <email @ redacted>
>  Subject: [IP] Radio links for meters, pumps and remotes

>  (IR) Electromagnetic waves in the frequency range just below visible light
>  corresponding to radiated heat. IR waves can be generated by a kind of LED
and >  are often used for remote controls for televisions etc. and in some
docking stations.

>  Since they are light and not radio, they don't come under FCC rulings, AND
>  won't interfer with radio waves.

>  One of the reasons that IR is line of sight, is that it IS light

Hello Kathleen,

Everything you said above is true; but, what does it have to do with the new,
MiniMed 512 Paradigm, pump to which I was referring?

The question I posed was "Due to the fact that the new 512 MiniMed pump and
its associated meter are linked by a radio frequency (VHF or UHF) and, NOT by
infrared (IR), is there a possibility that this, very low power, radio
transmitter (RF) might interfere with life sustaining medical equipment within
one meter, or less, of a patient's bed side?

I do not know the answer to this question; but, I do know that most hospitals
(read that as biomedical engineers) abhor any extraneous RF in the building.

Are you, and I, now on the same wavelength?

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