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Re: [IP] Manipulation?

I am not sure of any doctors in that are but may be able to find out for 
you. Chiropractic Manipulation would be a good choice. Most MDs don't 
recieve as much training in manipulation as they possibly should. There 
are some very good orthopedists out there that do manipulation though. I 
have had good success with using some of there functional muscle 
techniques along with adjustments of the clavicle and shoulder girdle. I 
will ask my associate who she knows in the area that may be able to help 
you out.
Chiropractor ( graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College)

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>Lots of IP'ers have given me helpful advice on dealing
>with my frozen shoulder (thanks, all!), but after
>almost 4 months of physical therapy, I'm not much
>better, can't afford it any more, and as a result, I'm
>ready to have it manipulated. I'd love advice from
>anyone who has actually had this done. I'm prepared
>for it being massively painful (frankly, it is
>anyway), but:
>1) Do I still need physical therapy after? If so, for
>how long?
>2) How long does the pain last after the manipulation?
>3) Do you see immediate improvement?
>4) Would you do it again, or is it better to just
>"play through the pain" for a year or two?
>I'd also welcome recommendations on Drs in
>NYC/Northern NJ area who I could see about this - my
>orthopedist doesn't have any experience with frozen
>shoulder and won't do a manipulation.
>Thanks all - I really appreciate your help.
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