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[IP] Re:512 meter

The new 512 pump by MiniMed and linked meter by BD are AWESOME!!!  I just 
hooked up this week and am thrilled.  The Cozmo is a great pump, but I like 
 MiniMed customer service, online refills of supplies, and the size of the 512
 more than what Cozmo offers. And the Cozmo will get bigger when the CozMore is
attached!   Good luck.

Has anyone gotten this meter?  I talked to a MM pump representative last
night and she said they were starting to send them out I think today.  I had
made up my mind to get a Cozmo but there was no rep. at my doctors office
(they have reps once a month).  I have had no problems with my MM 507C over
the last 4 years but am afraid that there will be problems with the 512
similar to when the Paradigm first came out.  I do however like the idea
that I can upgrade when new models come out for $450.  I have to pay 10% of
contracted price  for new pump anyway.  Also seems that Minimed is closer to
a closed loop.

Type 1 almost 30 years, pumping 4 years
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